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Thermal Vacation | Hot Springs in Uruguay

ARAPEY - The leading thermal waters’ fountain in Salto, Arapey, are located 80 kilometers north of the department’s capital city through Route 3. Amidst a beautiful, exuberant vegetal landscape with spectacular water gardens through which the water whispers among stones and under picturesque bridges, it becomes a truly enchanting Eden. A modern hotel with 52 air-conditioned bedrooms; 6 restaurants offering varied, comfortable facilities and better service; motels and chalets of the greatest comfort, as well as a 450-parcel camping site with electricity, running water and “parrilla” (Uruguayan barbecue) installations, make this tourist complex a unique one among its equals. It also covers other essential services provided by a shopping center, a supermarket, baker’s store, gas station, post office, telephone, exchange, clinic, hairdresser’s and laundry. The presence of water can be felt all around, accompanied with dignity by numerous, varied and beautiful trees and flowers.

The Spa of the Arapey is the the most ancient and with the most important tourist and professional infrastructure of the region, his waters are provided with suitable characteristics to be used by therapeutic ends.

It possesses several complexes with closed swimming pools and outdoors, surrounded by leafy vegetation and big gardens of incomparable beauty.
It constitutes a tourist attraction during twelve months of the year, because it offers the maximum of serviceability and attention for the tourist, so much for the one that comes in search of rest, as well as also for the one who comes in search of his medicinal and curative waters.

Hot Springs of Daymán
Every day is a good day to visit the Hot Springs of Daymán.
It takes seven minutes to arrive at them by car through the modern road that leads there.
Daymán is 8 kilometers away from Salto and an urban bus leaves for the complex every 30 minutes.
No hot spring waters in Uruguay are warmer than Dayman’s. Extremely pure, radioactive and
mineralized, ideal for crenotherapy, the water springs from out of the rock at a temperature
of 42° C.

The Spa of the Dayman is a few of the most ancient and with the most important tourist and professional infrastructure of the region.
In his infrastructure it counts with bungalows, hotels, restaurants, courts of paddle and tennis, swimming pools of several temperatures, with a maxim of 44th C, the biggest temperature of thermal waters in Uruguay.

His waters are provided with suitable characteristics to be used by therapeutic ends, his power comes from the heat combination and saltness.
Also it is provided with the Complex Hidrotermal Dayman, an institution of high scientific and ethical level recognized internationally.

She is placed 8 kilometers from Salto city and constitutes an important tourist attraction during twelve months of the year Properties of the Thermal Waters
The water surgente in Spa of the Arapey assembles all the ideal conditions for his application as alternative, curative medicine and therapeutic treatments.

Termal Water Properties
Ideal for healing and drinking

It is provided with properties that distinguish it high quality as water of table, stomach sedative and diuretic with healing for what can be perfectly drinkable.

Also it is used also in Balneoterapia, since it is indicated in sedative actions, for stimulant baths and desensibilizantes. Effective in supreme grade in rheumatism in general.

Characteristics of the Water of Spa
The study realized on the properties of the waters surgentes of the Arapey, reveals that from the physical chemical point of view he is in her, the presence of Iodin, Iron, Calcium,

Magnesium and Fluorine, being this denial in Arsenic and poorly in Sulphates and Nitrates, and of clear and permanent radioactivity.

It is necessary to point out that the water of the surgentes assembles all thesuitableconditions for his application in the Crenoterapia.

Partial analysis of the Water of Spa
The wealth of the waters of the Arapey is 400.000 liters per hour in his two extras to 725 and 1.300 meters deep.The color is in limited quantities colorlessly and in big masses bluish, also they perform agreeable flavor and odourless. The temperature divided equally annual round them 39th C.

Walks and Jaunts in Salto
Salto city is located to 80 kilometers to the south of the Spa of the Arapey, and is the capital of the department. It is a pleasant and amicable city that possesses a good infrastructure.
Also, Salto it is provided with a marked cultural development that they her turn into a point of singular tourist attraction.

When one joins the city the impression that it receives it is that of being in a place where they coexist of harmonic form the strength of the progress with the remembranzas and traditions of the past.

Además, Salto cuenta con un pronunciado desarrollo cultural que la convierten en un punto de singular atractivo turístico.

Cuando uno ingresa en la ciudad la impresión que recibe es la de hallarse en un lugar donde conviven de forma armónica la pujanza del progreso con las remembranzas y tradiciones del pasado.

Salto Northshore
Undoubtedly one of the principal attractions of Salto city, the coastal ones constitute it on the river Uruguay.

Several kilometers of boulevard join at present Salto Chico located to the north of the capital salteña, with Arenitas Blancas on the south.

This place is provided with many beauties, in which there join the nature and the genius of the man. The evenings are really wonderful.

Must see :

Canteras del Terrible
Club Remeros de Salto
Cuevas de San Antonio
Fuente Surgente "Agua Salto"
Parque del Lago
Playa "Las Cavas"
Plazoleta de los Recuerdos
Plazoleta del Club Leones de Salto
Plazoleta del Libano
Plazoleta Italia
Plazoleta Roosvelt
Puerto de Salto
Salto Chico

Salto Southshore
In her there can be appreciated the ancient buildings that previous generations constructed on the margins same of the river Uruguay, as the houses " "La Verde " La Vasca".

Also we meet modern Chalets, exhibiting a new epoch. Being inserted between a few and others find the parks and monoliths that remember figures of the illustrious Uruguayan past or of the world.

Must see :

Arenitas Blancas
Barrio San Martin
Casa "La Vasca"
Casa Verde
Club de Pesca Salto
Frigorífico "Cybaran"
Mausoleo a "Horacio Quiroga"
Parque "Garcia Lorca"
Parque Mattos Netto
Playa Corralitos
Plazoleta "Los Inmortales"
Quinta "El Cortijo"
Saladero "La Caballada"

This nature reserve is provided with more than 150 species, many of which are indigenous in routes of extinction, and exotic others, shaping a coexistence in a frame of exceptional greens, more than 450 copies.

Also we can enjoy the colouring birds, the natural reservation of field deer, deer, the lagoons of different birds and the calm alligators that show on the island.

They are the important wild animals with his beautiful hairs those who receive us, attentively puma, the secret jaguares, as well as the lions. More behind we are waited by bears and monkeys, goats, muflones, you call and the spectacular marine lion.

Larrañaga Theatre
This theater is a property of the Municipal Commissariat of Salto, which takes charge administering it. The same one was inaugurated on October 5, 1882.

His capacity belongs to approximately 850 persons, it is the principal room of spectacles with which the jump city is provided.

This theater is very famous for his spectacular acoustics.

Teatro El Ateneo en Salto
He is located in the street Artigas Nº 529. The same one was inaugurated on April 19, 1895 and his capacity belongs to approximately 250 persons.

The Theater Cultural club was another contribution more to the local culture, but with a sense that the didactic one exceeds to provide it with civil vibration carried out at the end of last century.

From the moment of his inaguración, The Cultural club was the stage of all the artistic and intellectual worries of Salto

Aquamania Park
In Salto department in Uruguay, in the zone of the spa of Salto Grande Acuamanía is, the first aquatic park with thermal waters of South america.

His design and construction was realized by the companies that designed the parks of Disney and Wet'n Wild.

In a property of 15.000 square meters, he will be able to find an infraestructua of the first level, which will offer him a space for the diversion and the relax where he will share unforgettable experiences.

Activities inside the park

Slow River
Artificial river of 300 meters long for 3 of breadth, and 0,90 meters deep. His trip is realized on gomones, and during the same one he will enjoy cascades, bridges, tunnels, etc..

They are 2 toboggans of 18 meters high, you will feel the speed and the dizziness of the descent then to fall down in the warm thermal waters.

They are 2 toboggans of 12 meters high in the shape of esprial, one enclosure and another open sea, his trip is 70 meters.

Swimming pool for childrens
More boys will be able to enjoy games especially designed for children: toboggans, mushroom with shower, ships pirates and other activities guarantee the diversion and safety of the children. There are zones very little deep and different up to 0,5 meters.

Swimming pool for Teens
The adolescents will be able to exhaust his energies and to spend a few unforgettable days in the park. Games as the springboard, toboggan, botavara and floats of balance, in a maximum depth of 0.9 meters guarantee the diversion..

Swimming pool for Adults
Swimming pool of 280 square meters with a maximum profundad of 1,5 meters and thermal waters, so that he could rest, relax and enjoy the wonderful environment.

For those who practise the sport or for those who want " to prove aim ", the mini golf is provided with 9 holes and 3 holes of practice.

Hidromasajes, Showers Scots and Finnish
Hidromasajes for 30 persons in thermal waters and fungi with showers in a surface of 300 square meters, will achieve that you forget the daily stress.

Beach Paradise
Those who want to remember the sea, will be able to go to " Beach Paradise " since there they will be able to enjoy artificial waves.

Entry and Services of the Aquatic Park
The facilities of the park are enabled to every public from 10am to 6pm.


Adults: US$ 4

KIds uo to 11: US$ 3

Up to 4: FREE


Professional Lifeguards watches all the swimming pools

The first help and specializing personnel

Finished wardrobes with showers and baths

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